How to Stop Call Recording Announce on Any Android Phone

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How do you turn off the ‘This call is now being recorded’ announcement? Many smartphone makers company are installing Google Dialer on their devices instead of their Dialer. When a person tries to record a call, a call recording notification lets the person on the other side know that his call is being recorded. This feature is very annoying in new smartphones. But how do you turn off call recording announcements and secretly record a call? Keep reading this post to get the permanent solution applicable for any android smartphone.

It is illegal to record calls without informing the callers. We will not go into details about this, but it would be ethical to tell the other party before starting the call recording. On the other hand, Google’s way of making announcements mandatory every time is not a good implementation either. Google should have left these features to users – at least in some countries where there are no such laws.

Google Dialer – Disable Call Record Announcement

There is a bug in Google dialer that can stop call recording announcements from the Play Store using a simple application called TTSLexx.

Note: Back-up your previous recordings and call history, That’s why all your previous call records will be deleted.

How to Use TTSLexx Apk

1. Install TTSLexx Apk from Google Play Store.

2. Go to Phone Settings & Search “Text to Speech”.

3. Tap on Preferred engine and change Speech Service by Google to TTSLexx.

4. Confirm the security attention warning.

5. Now go back to home screen & Clear Data of Phone Dialer.

6. Tap and hold Phone Dialer > App info > Clear All Data.

dialer data clear

7. Boom!! Now open the Phone Dialer, make a call and start recording.

8. Enjoy call recording without notification sound.

Use Call Recording & Uninstall TTSLexx App

1. After doing the all changes, Go to Settings & Search “Text to Speech”.

2. Tap on Preferred engine and change Speech Service by TTSLexx to Google.

3. Now go to Play Store & uninstall the app.

4. Still you can record call without announcement.

5. *Don’t clear phone dialer data.

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