Intermiles Quiz Answer Today – 4 March 2021 InterMiles Quiz A Thon Answers

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“Intermiles Quiz a Thon” Weekly Questions and Answers Today, Play intermiles quiz and Win Upto 50 interMiles Points on Every Week. InterMiles Quiz Answer Today.

Intermiles Quiz-A-Thon

Quiz Available OnIntermiles App
This Week Topic isRiddle Me This
Quiz Duration 4th – 10th March 2021
Winning PrizeUpto 50 Intermiles Point

Intermiles Quiz Answers Update on Every Thursday at 12 AM ( If you are not see the answers: Click Here )

Intermiles Quiz answers 4th March 2021

This Week’s Topic Is “Riddle Me This

  • Q1. What has many teeth, but cannot bite?
    • Answer: D. Comb

  • Q2. What 5 letter word becomes shorter, when you add 2 letters to it?
    • Answer: A. Short

  • Q3. Where does Friday come before Thursday?
    • Answer: B. Dictionary

  • Q4. What has ten letters and starts with gas?
    • Answer: C. Automobile

  • Q5. I am not alive but I grow.l dont have lungs but I need air.What am 1?
    • Answer: C. Fire

  • Q6. You see a boat filled with people, yet there is not a single person on board. How is that possible?
    • Answer: B. All the people on the boat are married

  • Q7. What belongs to you, but everyone else uses it?
    • Answer: B. Your name

  • Q8. What is cut on a table, but never eaten?
    • Answer: C. A deck of cards

Intermiles Quiz answers 28th January 2021

This Week’s Topic Is “Filmy Travel

  • Q1. Where is the film Eat Pray Love shot in India?
    • Answer: D. Delhi

  • Q2. In the movie Piku, the characters of Deepika Padukone, Irrfan Khan and Amitabh Bachchan travel from to
    • Answer: C. Delhi to Kolkata

  • Q3. The latest popular TV show, Bridgerton, is set in…
    • Answer: B. London

  • Q4. Where do the characters of Student of the Year go for a destination wedding?
    • Answer: A. Thailand

  • Q5. Aparna Sen is an Indian film director from…
    • Answer: B. Kolkata

  • Q6. More than 200 Indian movies have been shot in…
    • Answer: C. Switzerland

  • Q7. The popular sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S is set in..
    • Answer: B. New York

  • Q8. In Ye Jawani Hai Deewani, Kabir and Naina, along with other friends, go to for trekking.
    • Answer: C. Manali

Intermiles Quiz answers 14th January 2021

This Week’s Topic Is “Republic Day Special

  • Q1. The National Flag of India was adopted on..
    • Answer: D. 22nd July 1947

  • Q2. India is the largest country in the world, in square kilometers.
    • Answer: C. 7th

  • Q3. Until 1896, India was the only source of. in the world.
    • Answer: B. Diamonds

  • Q4. As the President unfurls the National Flag on Republic Day, he is given the guns salute.
    • Answer: B. 21

  • Q5. India has the largest number of in the world.
    • Answer: C. Post Offices

  • Q6. The date of 26th January was chosen as the Republic Day because it also coincided with the anniversary of.
    • Answer: A. Purna Swaraj Day

  • Q7. The Indian Rupee symbol, ₹, was designed by.
    • Answer: B. D Udaya Kumar

  • Q8. The game of India ____was invented in india
    • Answer: C. Chess
How to play the Intermiles App Quiz?
  • Step 1: Download the intermiles app on your Android Phone
  • Step 2: Launch the intermiles app
  • Step 3: Find the Quiz a Thon Banner and click on it.
  • All the questions and answers of this quiz contest are posted above.
  • Must be read carefully questions and answers, Before playing the quiz contest.
Some Rules for Intermiles App Quiz Contest
  • Intermiles Quiz can be played only once in a week.
  • In this quiz contest, you need to guess the answer and the hints will be provided.
  • Your chance to earn upto 50 InterMiles, when you answer all questions correctly.
  • Once you started the Quiz, you will not be allowed to skip or go back or cancel to a previous question.
  • If you cancel once, you will not to be able InterMiles point.
  • If you cancel while playing the quiz, you will not be able to start a fresh round.
  • We will given a maximum of 60 seconds to complete the quiz contest.
  • The quiz can have a maximum of six questions.
  • Quiz question can  be come randomly
  • The question that was asked to me at number one, may have been asked to you at number two.
What Reward will the Intermiles Quiz Winner Get

  • You can win up to 50 Miles once in a week
How to Redeem InterMiles Point
Watch This Video.
When and How will i Receive the Miles Point

If you answered most of the questions correctly, the reward of 50 miles will reflect in your account within seven days.

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